Privacy Policy
Hangzhou Biteng brand management Co.,Ltd. (registered address: 4-801, No. 501, Baiyang Street 2, Qiantang New Area, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province; Contact: 0571-85151626; Hereinafter referred to as "UPFOS" or "We") and its affiliates will take security protection measures for your user information in accordance with laws and regulations in order to protect the security and controllability of your user information.Therefore, UPFOS formulates this Privacy Policy and reminds you that before using UPFOS's services, you must carefully read and thoroughly understand this privacy policy, and use relevant products and services only after confirming your full understanding and consent. Once you start using the UPFOS service, you will be deemed to have accepted and agreed this privacy policy.
UPFOS respects and protects your personal information and will treat them with caution. When you use the services provided by UPFOS, we will collect, process and disclose your information in accordance with this privacy policy. We hope to clearly introduce our handling of your information to you through this privacy policy. Therefore, we suggest you read this privacy policy completely to help you understand the ways to protect your privacy, especially the terms marked in bold / bold underline which you should focus on reading. Start using services provided by UPFOS after confirming your full understanding and consent of this document.
This privacy policy is an integral part of the UPFOS User Service Agreement. Your acceptance of the user agreement means that you have accepted this privacy policy.
1.1 UPFOS website: Refers to the official website of UPFOS (domain name:, the web end of UPFOS service (URL: and mobile end (such as APP).
1.2 UPFOS: unless otherwise agreed, it refers to Hangzhou Biteng brand management Co.,Ltd, the operator of UPFOS website.
1.3 UPFOS affiliated company: refers to the affiliated company disclosed in the latest listing annual report of Hangzhou Biteng brand management Co.,Ltd.
1.4 Users: refer to natural persons, legal persons and unincorporated organizations that receive or purchase cloud service products of UPFOS and receive relevant technical and network support services.
1.5 User personal information: user personal information refers to the user information submitted by the user to UPFOS or collected by UPFOS. The above information can be recorded electronically or in other ways, and can identify the identity of a specific natural person or reflect the activities of a specific natural person alone or in combination with other information.
1.6 Business data: different from user information, it refers to the data that UPFOS users upload, download and distribute through UPFOS technical services.
1.7 Collect: refers to the behavior that UPFOS obtains the control over the user's personal information, including from user submission, through interaction with the user or recording the user's behavior, and indirect acquisition through sharing, transfer and collection of public information.
II.Scope of Application
This privacy policy is only applicable to the UPFOS website, UPFOS app and our other products and services will use relevant products or services. In particular, this privacy policy does not apply to the following situations:
We hereby remind you to carefully read the relevant user agreements and privacy policies displayed to you by the forth party when using forth-party products and / or services, and properly keep and carefully provide your personal information.
We may use Google Analytics, a web analytics service provided by Google. Google Analytics uses cookies or other similar technologies to collect and store your information, which has been anonymized and does not belong to your personal data.
You can access to read Google Analytics privacy policy for details.
III.Collection and Use of User Personal Information
3.1 Purpose of using your personal information
3.1.1. In order to provide services to you, we will send you information, notice or communicate with you, including but not limited to the verification code necessary to ensure the completion of the service and the push notice necessary when using the service;
3.1.2. In order to maintain and improve the service and provide you with information recommendation and display, we may combine personal information from a service of UPFOS with information from other types of cloud services to push information, including but not limited to system service information about UPFOS products, promotion information of forth parties cooperating with UPFOS, or other content you may be interested in.
3.1.3. We may design, develop and promote new products and services based on your user's personal information statistics; We will produce analytics on the usage of our services and may share these information with the public or forth parties, but your identity will be removed and anonymized before sharing;
3.1.4. In order to improve the security of your use of the services provided by us, our affiliated companies and partners, ensure the security of the operating environment and identify the abnormal status of the account, protect the personal and property security of you or other users or the public from infringement, and better prevent phishing websites, fraud, network vulnerabilities, computer viruses, network attacks, network intrusion and other security risks, identify violations of laws and regulations or UPFOS related agreements and rules or accurately, we may use your user's personal information, integrating with device information, relevant network logs and information legally shared by our affiliated companies and partners to judge your account and transaction risks, conduct identity verification, detect and prevent security events, and take necessary records according to law Audit, analysis and disposal measures;
3.1.5. If we use your user's personal information beyond the agreement, or use your user's personal information beyond the reasonable scope, we will inform you and obtain your explicit consent.
3.2 Scope of your personal information we collect
Your personal information refers to the information that can determine your personal identity when used alone or in combination with other information. When you or your business organization users register and use our website, products or services, we will collect your necessary personal information from them, as follows:
3.2.1 Information collected during account registration
When you register your UPFOS website account, we will collect your following information
According to the requirements of relevant national laws and regulations, if you register a UPFOS web account,we will collect the following identification information from you: your mobile phone number, company name, personal name, e-mail, etc.
3.2.2 Information collected when using the service
When you use UPFOS service, we will collect the following information: information, including: we will receive and record the device hardware information you use (such as device model, device settings, unique device identifier and other software and hardware feature information), the location related information of the device (such as IP address, GPS location and Wi-Fi access point that can provide relevant information Bluetooth, base station and other sensor information); information, including: your system account, IP address, operating system version information, login record, page browsing record, page dwell time, operation frequency, software use record, instruction information, mobile phone resolution, etc;
You understand and agree that if you, as an enterprise organization administrator, choose to open and manage UPFOS service, the individual users of your enterprise organization may submit or generate corresponding information and data (hereinafter referred to as "enterprise control data") during the use of relevant functions / applications of UPFOS service. You confirm and know that the enterprise organization user is the controller of the above enterprise control data, and UPFOS only opens, manages and uses the above application services to process your personal information / data according to the choice of the enterprise organization user administrator. Before the enterprise organizes users to upload the personal information of the above individual users, it shall ensure that the explicit consent of the above individual users has been obtained in advance, and only the personal information of the individual users necessary to achieve the purpose of enterprise operation and management has been collected, and the above individual users have been fully informed of the purpose, scope and use mode of relevant data collection.
3.3 How we collect your personal information
3.3.1 We will collect and store the personal information actively provided to UPFOS when you register, log in, browse UPFOS products and / or use UPFOS services;
3.3.2 We will collect and store the personal information related to you recorded by UPFOS in the process of providing UPFOS services to you;
3.3.3 We will collect and store your personal information submitted or fed back actively through UPFOS customer service personnel and / or other channels;
3.3.4 We collect and store your personal information legally obtained from affiliated companies, business partners and third-party independent data sources;
3.3.5 We may inquire your relevant credit information, such as credit score, credit report, etc. from the credit investigation institution established according to law.
IV.Ways of Sharing, Transferring and Public Disclosure of Users' Personal Information
4.1. Sharing
We will not share your user information with other organizations and individuals, except in the following cases:
4.1.1. Sharing with explicit consent: after obtaining your explicit consent, we will share your user information with other parties;
4.1.2. Sharing under legal circumstances: we may share your user information according to laws and regulations, litigation and arbitration settlement needs, or according to the requirements of administrative and judicial organs according to law;
4.1.3. Sharing with affiliated companies: in order to facilitate us to provide you with products and services based on UPFOS website, recommend information you may be interested in, identify account exceptions, and protect the personal and property safety of UPFOS affiliated companies or other users or the public from infringement, your user's personal information may be shared with our affiliated companies.
4.1.4. Sharing with authorized partners: if some services you use through UPFOS are provided by UPFOS suppliers, partners or third-party authorized partners entering the UPFOS market, UPFOS will share with them the personal information necessary to provide you with corresponding products and services; In addition, in order to jointly carry out marketing activities with the above-mentioned third-party authorized partners, UPFOS may share your relevant personal information necessary for carrying out the activities and generated in the process of the activities;
4.1.5 For companies, organizations and individuals with whom we share user information, we will sign strict confidentiality agreements and information protection agreements with them and require them to handle user information in accordance with our instructions, this Privacy Policy and any other relevant confidentiality and security measures.
4.1.6 We will conduct strict security inspection on the application program interface (API) and software tool development kit (SDK) for authorized partners to obtain relevant information, and agree strict data protection measures with authorized partners to enable them to process user information in accordance with our entrustment purpose, service description, this Privacy Policy and any other relevant confidentiality and security measures.
4.2. Transfer
We will not transfer your user information to any company, organization or individual, except for the following circumstances:
4.2.1. Transfer with explicit consent: after obtaining your explicit consent, we will transfer your user information to other parties;
4.2.2. In case of merger, acquisition or bankruptcy liquidation between UPFOS and other legal subjects, or other situations involving merger, acquisition or bankruptcy liquidation, if the transfer of user information is involved, we will require the new company and organization holding your user information to continue to be bound by this policy, otherwise we will require the company, organization and individual to ask you for authorization and consent again.
4.3. Public disclosure
We will only publicly disclose your user's personal information under the following circumstances:
4.3.1 With your explicit consent or based on your active choice, we may publicly disclose your user information;
4.3.2. In order to protect the personal and property safety of users or the public of UPFOS and its affiliates, we may disclose information about your users in accordance with applicable laws or relevant agreements and rules of UPFOS platform.
4.4. Exceptions for sharing, transferring and publicly disclosing user information with prior authorization and consent
In the following cases, sharing, transferring and publicly disclosing your user information does not require your prior authorization and consent:
4.4.1. Related to national security and national defense security;
4.4.2. Related to public safety, public health and major public interests;
4.4.3. Related to criminal investigation, prosecution, trial and execution of judgment;
4.4.4. For the purpose of safeguarding your or other personal life, property and other major legitimate rights and interests, but it is difficult to obtain my consent;
4.4.5. Your personal information disclosed to the public by yourself;
4.4.6. Collect personal information from legally publicly disclosed information, such as legal news reports, government information disclosure and other channels.
V.User business data and public information
Different from your user information, UPFOS will process user business data and public information as follows:
5.1. User business data
5.1.1. The data you process, store, upload, download, distribute and process through other means through the services provided by UPFOS are your user business data, and you fully own your user business data. As an enterprise cloud service provider, UPFOS will only strictly follow your instructions to process your business data, and will not make any unauthorized use or disclosure of your business data except as agreed with you or in accordance with clear laws and regulations.
5.1.2. You should be responsible for the source and content of your user's business data. UPFOS prompts you to carefully judge the legitimacy of the data source and content. All results and responsibilities caused by your user's business data content violating laws and regulations, departmental rules or national policies shall be borne by yourself.
5.1.3 In order to optimize service quality and provide you with new products and services, UPFOS will collect your transaction data, transaction process and order information in UPFOS related products for data analysis, and share the above business data (except sensitive information) with UPFOS affiliated companies.
5.2. Public information
5.2.1. Public information refers to any information you publicly share, which can be viewed or accessed by anyone during the period of using and not using the UPFOS website service.
5.2.2. In order to use the UPFOS website service, there may be information that you must share publicly. For example, if you are a service provider (seller), you should publicly share relevant information of enterprises or natural person operators in accordance with applicable laws and regulations and UPFOS market rules.
VI.Query, correction and deletion of user personal information
You can view the registration information you provided to UPFOS and other information generated during the use of UPFOS platform. If you want to delete or correct your information, please contact our email:
VII.Use of Cookies and Similar Technologies
7.1. We will use and allow other specific companies to use cookies, network beacons and other similar technologies on UPFOS services. This is to understand your use of UPFOS services, improve your user experience, realize recommended functions and contents, optimize our advertising and marketing, and let third-party advertising companies help us provide advertisements that meet your interests through the Internet.
7.2. Cookies are text files containing a small amount of information downloaded to your device when you visit the website. Through these cookies, we can remember your choices on the UPFOS website and provide enhanced functions. At the same time, we use our own cookies and / or third-party cookies and other identifiers (such as network beacons) to see how you use our websites and services in order to enhance their performance, and develop them according to your preferences. In addition, we allow data providers to use cookies or other similar technologies to help us provide content and advertising and evaluate the effectiveness of our advertising campaigns.
7.3. You can manage cookies according to your preferences, or you can clear all cookies saved on the device. Most web browsers have the function of blocking cookies. But if you do, you will need to change your user settings every time you visit our website. To learn more about how to change browser settings, please visit the relevant settings page of the browser you use.
7.4. In addition to cookies, we will also use website beacons, pixel tags and other similar technologies on the website. For example, the email we send you may contain an address link linked to the content of our website. If you click the link, we will track this click to help us understand your product or service preferences so that we can actively improve the customer service experience. A website beacon is usually a transparent image embedded in a website or e-mail. With the help of pixel labels in e-mail, we can know whether the e-mail is opened or not. If you don't want your activities to be tracked in this way, you can unsubscribe from our mailing list at any time.
VIII.Security Protection Measures for Users' Personal Information
UPFOS and its affiliates will adopt strict security systems and industry standard security technologies and procedures to ensure that your personal information is not lost, disclosed, damaged or abused. UPFOS suppliers, partners or third-party service providers settled in the UPFOS platform will be bound by the confidentiality agreement, and will also be subject to the authority control and operation monitoring of data information.
IX.Special Agreement on Minor User Information
9.1. We mainly provide products and services for adults. If you are a minor, we ask you to ask your parents or legal guardians to carefully read this Privacy Policy. We also ask you to use our services or provide information to us with the consent of your parents or guardians.
9.2. In the case of collecting personal information from minors users with the consent of their parents or guardians, we will only use, share, transfer or disclose these information when permitted by laws and regulations, explicitly agreed by parents or guardians, or under the necessity of protecting minors.
X.Right to Manage Personal Information
For the personal information collected by UPFOS, you also have the following special rights, as detailed below:
10.1. Authentication and request
UPFOS will require you to verify your identity before responding to any request for you to exercise the rights agreed in these special terms and require you to specify the request for exercising the following rights. We will respond to your request to exercise your rights within 15 days after you make an explanation. If you want to exercise this right, please contact UPFOS email (
10.2. Access to personal information
Upon your request, UPFOS will inform you whether we have collected your personal information; If there is a collection behavior, you also have the right to know the type, use method and sharing object of your personal information we collect.
10.3. Personal information is processed only for storage purposes
For the personal information collected by UPFOS, you have the right to request that UPFOS stop processing such personal information except for storage purposes if:
10.3.1. you think the personal information is incorrect (within the period when we verify whether it is correct);
10.3.2. it is illegal to process the personal information, so we want to eliminate the personal information, but you want us to keep the information and store it only;
10.3.3. UPFOS no longer needs to process the personal information and therefore wants to delete the personal information, but you require that the information be stored in order to raise, claim or oppose legal remedies.
10.4. Portability of personal information
You have the right to obtain a copy of the personal information collected by UPFOS. You have the right to obtain this information in a structured, universal and machine-readable format. You also have the right to require UPFOS to transfer the personal information to others or exercise the right to export data. If you want UPFOS to transfer the above personal information to a third party, please ensure that you will detail the third party. Please note that UPFOS can transfer information only if it is technically feasible. Once the third party receives the personal information, UPFOS is not responsible for the security of the information or its processing method. If the provision of specific personal information will affect the rights of others, we may not be able to provide it to you (for example, the provision of such personal information will expose other people's information, UPFOS or any third party's trade secrets or intellectual property information).
10.5. Right to refuse collection and use of personal information
If you have previously agreed with UPFOS to collect and use your personal information, you may withdraw any consent previously granted to us and have the right to refuse us to use such personal information to the extent permitted by applicable laws and regulations. You can modify or withdraw your authorization for personal information collection through mobile phone permission settings.
10.6. Storage of personal information
The personal information we collect and generate in the people's Republic of China will be stored in the people's Republic of China. If some services involve cross-border business and we need to transmit relevant personal information collected in China to overseas institutions, we will explain to you the purpose of leaving the country and the type of personal information involved in accordance with laws and regulations and the provisions of relevant regulatory authorities, obtain your consent, and take effective measures such as signing agreements and on-site verification, Require overseas institutions to keep your personal information confidential. We only keep your personal information during the period necessary for the purpose stated in this policy and within the time limit specified by laws, regulations and supervision. After the above storage period of personal information is exceeded, we will delete or anonymize your personal information.
XI.Update of Privacy Policy
We may update this privacy right from time to time. Without your express consent, we will not limit your rights under this privacy policy. When the relevant terms are changed, we will show you the changed privacy policy in the form of website publicity, push notice and pop-up window when you log in and update the version. Once you continue to use UPFOS service, you will be deemed to have accepted and recognized the updated privacy policy.
XII.Our Contact Information
If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or complaints about our privacy policy and the handling of your personal information, please contact us through the following ways: contact email:
Last updated: August 1st , 2021
Effective date: August 1st , 2021